Bidding Limited

Our Difference? Our People.


Other bidding organisations rely on outsourced contractors, leading to variation in quality. We don't. We know that in order to produce the best bids possible, we need to control every element of the bid process. 

The Bidding Limited team does just that. It has has three elements; fantastic project management, high quality bid writing and strong commercial instincts.

Mike Pearson, our Bid Director, leads the team. He has strategic responsibility for every project, making sure that we have the right resources for each piece of work. In addition to this, Mike reviews every bid that is written, and as such is the key driver of quality at Bidding Limited.

Working alongside Mike are our Bid Managers, who are experienced bid professionals, and have written and managed hundreds of bids. Their job is to make sure that nothing is left to chance – every aspect of the bid is considered, discussed, and has a clear plan for completion.  Our Bid Writing team works tirelessly within this framework to create compelling, winning content for our clients.


Tom Sheppard

managing director || Linkedin

Tom runs Bidding Ltd, drawing on a deep background of selling effectively to the public sector. Tom began his career in the NHS, as part of the prestigious Graduate Training Scheme, before moving into a variety of private sector roles. He has managed large field and telesales teams, selling a variety of products.

Tom founded Bidding Ltd with David and Brendan because he saw how the effective combination of sales and bidding could be transformational to business development teams.

At Bidding Ltd, Tom is responsible for the day to day running of the business, as well as leading the sales team.



Mike Pearson

Bid director || Linkedin

Following a career in the military, Mike has worked in both bidding and direct commercial roles. As Bid Director at Bidding Limited, he brings unrivalled focus, clarity and commitment to results. Mike leads our Bid Team, ensuring that every project we carry out meets his exacting standards. With a keen eye for a winning commercial message developed over years of successfully selling products and services, Mike ensures that our bids aren’t just technically accurate, but have a strong sales theme.

He mentors new members of the team, and helps them to understand our values and methodology.


Brendan Fatchett.jpg

Brendan Fatchett

Director || linkedin

Brendan brings an unparalleled commercial reputation to Bidding Ltd. As the Managing Director of a rapidly growing technology firm, and non-Executive Director of multiple companies, he provides strategic insight for the business and for our customers. With a background in journalism and the public sector, Brendan is adept at advising organisations how to improve their commercial offering and above all grow revenue.





David Haslewood.jpg

David Haslewood

Director || Linkedin

David is one of the country's leading bid professionals, having delivered huge returns in both the defence and health sectors. Drawing on this experience, he founded Bidding Ltd with the goal of providing these services to a broader set of clients. David's drive, passion and commitment to projects ensures that work is completed on time, and to the highest standards.

For our customers, David provides high-level strategic input to ensure that - firstly - they are bidding on the right opportunities, and secondly that they have the correct resources to deliver if successful.




Laura Moore

Business Development || linkedin

Laura is an experienced salesperson and account manager, who is our point of liaison with new and potential customers. Laura helps businesses to understand the potential of having a powerful bid team working for them. She ensures that all of our clients are getting what they need from our flexible service, and that they recognise the opportunities that exist for them to bid on.

To speak to Laura about how Bidding Ltd can help you, please call her on 07341 338200.




The Bid Management Team

Our bid management team is made up of a group of highly skilled, customer focused individuals who have a singular focus - to deliver fantastic, compliant bids that give our clients the best possible chance of winning work.

Using a flexible project management methodology, our bid managers are the day-to-day contact between our clients and Bidding Ltd, ensuring that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. They work with the bid writers to create amazing content, and help to deliver training and mentorship to more junior members of the team.





The Bid Writing Team

Our bid writing team is made up of skilled professional writers, who have written hundreds of bids between them. Their dedication to creating the best possible content for our clients means that the quality of our bids is consistently high. With a range of experiences informing their style, they bring different perspectives to each bid; part of the difference of using Bidding Ltd is this breadth of knowledge.

All of our bid writers are employed by Bidding Ltd directly - we strongly that relying on outsourced resources is inefficient, and reduces the quality of our output.