Bidding Limited

Why do our clients win more bids?

Simple. They use us.


At Bidding Limited, we passionately believe in delivering the highest quality bid for our clients, no matter what sector they are in. We do this through our amazing team of in house bid professionals, and a singular focus on writing great content.

If you work with us, then we will quickly understand your business, products and services. We will work with you to develop win themes to make your bid commercially as strong as possible. Our team then takes these and, using our tried and trusted methodology, will develop a bid that you will be as proud of as we are. 

Great bid writing is about two elements - bid management and bid writing. Because we employ all of our team, not relying on any outside contractors, we have complete control over these elements. Every bid is managed by a team that has delivered literally hundreds of bids on time, and fully compliant. Every bid is written by a professional who is skilled in creating brilliant content. And every bid is quality checked and double checked before submission.

Working with us has seen business generate large volumes of sales, but more importantly has also given them the confidence to bid on services that they never would have gone for before. 

This could be your business next - contact us to find out how.


We have been impressed by the dynamic approach to getting the job done. The way Bidding Limited are able to pick up quickly what we need to build into our response has been great and has meant we can concentrate on what we are good at.


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